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Thanks to a tee created by Sheena that became a bestseller, we are now Melanin OP!

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Thanks for visiting and shopping Sophistishe where we strive to support and empower women, children, and minority-owned businesses with our eclectic mix of mod, boho, and vintage threads, accessories, and accents for you and the mini's. It's all good vibes, here!

I'm Sheena, wife to my junior high sweetheart, and mama to our three tiny humans. I'm the head blogger in charge at Sophistishe.com.

I've been a lifestyle blogger for... 15 whole years. It somehow evolved into a business and I've been immersed in professional blogging for over nine. But now, it's time for me to branch off a bit to become a better version of myself and build a legacy for my family.

I've had this entrepreneurial spirit since I was a wee one.

In 6th grade, I used to bake cakes and sell slices to one of my classmates. I also made beaded jewelry and sold a few pieces to family. I still have some around here somewhere.

My maternal grandfather, a haberdasher, owned his own cleaners, and a candy truck. My grandmother was a seamstress, and they both worked so very hard to make sure their 10 children's needs were met. I don't know how they did it, but I remain inspired by their dedication. I guess that's where I get my strong will and hustle from!

Before having children, my husband and I owned an apparel shop on Ebay catering to children and juniors. Shopping for inventory and fulfilling orders in-between classes was something that we truly enjoyed. I even worked a retail job to get an idea of trends and what to sell. I spent most of my time at that job being socially awkward, pacing the back and watching the clock so that I could go home and implement new business ideas. This was before smartphones, so I had nothing to occupy my restless mind!

It was a dream of mine since the tender age of 19 to own my own business so that when I had children, I would be able to stay at home with them. For 9 years, blogging has allowed that for me, but blogging has also been taxing on my health and creativity as of late, so here I am getting back to fulfilling a passion I've missed dearly.

Our baby girl was born with an abnormality (Cranio Frontal Nasal Dysplasia) and will undergo surgeries in the near future. I want to be emotionally present and at peace with my career choice during that time and beyond. It's also our hope that we will be able to give back to the children's hospital we've entrusted with her care as well as various Craniofacial foundations.

Thank you so much for shopping with us and for helping this mama fulfill her wish of getting back to her dreams while spending QUALITY time with her family.

Thank you for becoming a part of our journey!



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