We are a growing apparel and accessory line celebrating and affirming families of color. Our brand started from a t-shirt I designed for my kids. I decided to offer it for purchase not knowing what would happen next. It quickly took off and imitators didn't waste any time blatantly knocking off our design. Some circumstances in life and difficulties within external product production kept me from showing up the way I truly wanted to. It's time to come back strong with IN-HOUSE fulfillment... because control freak.

Full story here: https://bit.ly/2UpyRJA

Contributions to this fund will go towards the advance purchase of supplies to build inventory to offset our current made-to-order model. This will allow us to get orders out faster especially during the holiday season. Funds will also go towards the purchase of an additional cutting machine & heat-press, transfers, marketing, and legal fees related to the business. We are prepared to provide the receipts!

Having a thriving business would mean financial and emotional wealth for my children. Always operating from a space of survival isn't healthy and I don't want that to be part of my legacy. We appreciate your support in helping us come back stronger and PROVIDE STABILITY FOR OUR FAMILY! Thank you!